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Pastel living room (Interior design, home decor, fun, creative, ideas, inspiration, amazing, different, interesting, style, space, area, light, bright, purple couch, sofa, armchairs, arm chairs, large floor lamp, white coffee table, tea, modern, minimalistic, clean)

arc floor lamp - target $68.99 I think I got mine for just over $50 on sale, it is perfect in the corner of the living room. and even has a 3 stage dimmer...

Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp | Pottery Barn - Perfect for living room but too bad it is to darn expensive!

living room lamp - it needs to be white. West Elm lighting is same quality/maker as those from other stores. The difference is that WE is less expensive that those sold in other stores.

ELDSHULT Floor lamp IKEA Fabric shade gives a diffused and decorative light. good suggestion for floor lamp

No overhead lights in most rooms in our house, but I think this would do nicely arcing over the couch & coffee table.

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