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Ain't that the truth!!

I love when my parents say, "How do you know that song? That song was popular when I was a teenager." And I always tell them that music doesn't have an expiration date.


Chocolate Sugar Cookies

YOU: "i want to live in a music festival forever" ME: "come into our magical mystery tour we call our life.

Music is good

Music is my escape from a lot off things that stresses me out. Put on the music real loud, and sing & dance without shame!

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Broadjam offers music licensing and music placement opportunities in TV and Film through pro music supervisors - new every week.

Being musical is like speaking multiple languages! Exhilerating!

What is Music - Robin Williams in August Rush One of my favorite actors , favorite movies and a brilliant quote. Music touches my soul


Hey Music, Thanks for the Therapy! Music works every time to change my mood to a more positive and happy place.


It's am waking to Oklahoma thunder, thinking of my favorite quote by Shakespeare. "The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen" - William Shakespeare

This has been happening to me a lot lately...don't know how I missed some of this music the first time around...

It's the best feeling when you discover new music and it feels like you found a whole new world.