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Having an excellent and perfect website for your company, brands and services proved to be a great support for better flow of the customer traffic, brand loyalty, product presentation and overall business growth.

How to listen to, and delete, your Google Now voice history

Google might be eavesdropping more than you had originally imagined, though not on purpose. Since June 2015, Google has been storing personal data on its..

Why You Need a YouTube Channel (+ 9 Simple Tips For Getting Started

Why You Need a YouTube Channel (+ 9 Simple Tips For Getting Started): As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube is one of the best marketing tools you have at your disposal to funnel new clients into your paid programs and offerings. For those of you just getting started with your online teaching business, here are 9 tips to help you launch and optimize your YouTube presence:

Yahoo brings eSports protection to cell with launch of new application - ---------- First 1000 businesses who contacts will receive a business mobile app and the development fee will be waived. Contact us today. ‪#‎electronics‬ ‪#‎technology‬ ‪#‎tech‬ ‪#‎electronic‬ ‪#‎device‬ ‪#‎gadget‬ ‪#‎gadgets‬ ‪#‎in

Your first line of action will be to look out for a social media influencer that is connected with your industry, your products or services, and your target audience. The influencer should have a large fan following and should be a respected voice in your industry. You can opt for a controversial influencer that can ignite passionate tweets and shares all over the social media scene, but only after ensuring that it does not adversely harm your business or your reputation.

Yahoo Announces 2015 Q3 Earnings: Revenue Up 7% YoY At $1.22 Billion

Listen up, Yahoo users. A new log-in system from the Web company means you no longer have to remember your pesky password. Once you set it up, next time you log in you'll receive a single-use code to your phone. And that's all you need.