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۞ ADM Berserker           A lenda dos vampiros surgiu a incontáveis séculos, na mitologia da Suméria e Mesopotâmia, sendo o vampiro original...

Now those are some long legs | 39/52 | The Fairy Tale Warns, But I Don't Listen. | View Large On Black.  I went out and took some shots during golden hour tonight with some smoke bombs! I forgot my remote so I had to use the ten second timer which was kind of a pain but it turned out to be ok. It was fun !  :)  Heres my page on Facebook!

Prince in the smoke, in the wake of dragon fire The Fairy Tale Warns, But I Don't Listen by Jared Tyler

Young Merlin by PerlaMarina (print image)

this is quite the juggling act, young master Young Merlin by PerlaMarina