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Mama cat

Lion cub in Mother's mouth at dawn. Two weeks old at most - probably the first time out in the open - lion mother carries her little cub tenderly and with confidence between her jaws.

Spectacular pic!

Lion and Lioness wildlife nature animals pictures photography birds sealife

What Fierce Animal Are You?

What Fierce Animal Are You?

cub...I thought all Ligers were sterile!  Wonder what the dad was and what you would call a 3/4 tiger or 3/4 lion?

Ligress Zita gave birth to three liliger cubs in Novosibirsk Zoo in the middle of May — all of them female. Totally thought that when a lion & tiger breed their Cubs are sterile, that's awesome!

along for the ride... photo by Rosa Maria Ruiz-Henestrosa Neva: live this :)

~~cute scenes of the wild ~ lioness and cub by zedith photography~~(Step Mum Awesome)


~~A lion cub snuggles his mom © Phil West/Royal African Safaris/Caters~~

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

big-catsss: “ African Lion (Panthera leo) group of young males, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania by Mitsuaki Iwago ”

What a beautiful cat! from a Quora question on new species discovered since 2000

SO pretty! Newly discovered species of leopard with largest fangs in cat world. Long thought to be identical to the clouded leopards living on mainland South East Asia, genetic analysis has shown that the Bornean big cat is in fact a separate species.