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Onepunch-Man Punch [Hobby & Work] at MangaFox.

Day 10: All the anime I watch are based around fighting, but as for the epicness of the fights, One Punch Man gets my vote hands down XD

One punch man - awesome I love it! Funny and great action. Saitama a hero who only kills his enemies in one punch will he ever find a challenging opponents

One-Punch Man! A great anime about a normal guy who got super human skills through hard training! If you're in for LOTS of humor and awesome fighting scenes, then go for this anime/manga! It's worth it! (syl)

One punch Man - Saitama and Genos - The best team ever .The Handsome Boy and The suppository 😂😂😂I'm Sorry Saitama you know i Love you All The same 😘

Onsoku no Sonic || Read my One Punch Review here ~ http://www.theyorouzoya.com/2016/01/OnePunchMan.html

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