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An illustrated guide to who dies in 'The Walking Dead'

A comparison of who's died in 'The Walking Dead': Comics vs. TV

The first five are dead, so here's looking at you Negan.

I never thought of Shane as a "bad guy". He simply lost his way, he is literally NOTHING compared to The Governor.

The Walking Dead, season 6 episode 9 http://shoestory.club

25 Funny Walking Dead Memes

*CARL GRIMES: **annoying little brat who shouldn't be on the show and should be killed on the show instead of Hershel:)** WHAT I THINK IT SHOULD HAVE SAID^<<< tbh I don't think he's that bad<<< the Atlanta Five

The Walking Dead: The Atlanta Five. Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon and Carl Grimes

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