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Morgul-Blade of the Nazgul

United Cutlery 'The Hobbit' Morgul Dagger Blade of the Nazgul

A beautiful storta:  provenance:	 	North Italy dating:	 	16th Century

hilt adorned blade cutlass rapier sword A beautiful storta: provenance: North Italy dating: Century

Short sword

Orcrist : Crafted by the Elves of Gondolin, Goblin Cleaver, Biter, Mate of Glamdring, Sword of Thorin Oakenshield. The weapon-smiths of LOTR are pure artistic geniuses.

Anelaces - An anelace, also called an anlace, is a medieval long dagger or a very short type of sword. An anelace was sharp on both sides and could be carried at the small of the backor girdle. Two anelaces could be used in a paired fighting style similar to using a sword and parrying dagger.

Medieval Weapons

Anelace dagger - long dagger or short sword. Use two for a paired fighting style.

Swept hilt Rapier c. 1610 (5) by Danelli-Armouries

Swept hilt Rapier c. 1610 I've made this design before but for this one I had an occasion to take better pictures and adjust some shapes a little. Swept hilt Rapier c.