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Grant Gustin ⚡️ The Flash #Grant Gustin

"oh really, yeah, i'm barry allen and i betcha didn't know that i'm the fastest man alive LOL jk"

the new uniform

The Flash's New Suit Is a Blast From the Speedster's... Future

the new uniform

As much as I dislike Sebastian, this boy sure is pretty!!!

Glee's resident bully Sebastian , played by Grant Gustin, is now becoming more popular in the media due to his role on Glee. His good looks are not going unnoticed as he is featured in this month's Glamoholic Magazine!

21 Moments Barry Allen From 'The Flash' Ruined Our Lives

21 Moments Barry Allen From 'The Flash' Ruined Our Lives

Grant Gustin waiting for his Flash Fitting

Omg Grant Gustin is really close to looking like Kakashi (from naruto) right now he should really cosplay as him// he Looks so adorable awwww

grantgust #JettLife

Grant Gustin is such a sweet guy, and an amazing actor. He really deserves every success ❤️