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spiral cloud in himalaya | Found on

FERN - Mother Nature is incredibly beautiful. Just look at this fern. This is a Fibonacci spiral, or ratios if you've heard about them. The pattern is throughout nature.

Ornamental Oregano

Ornamental Oregano (Kent Beauty) Functionally an annual here in Oregon, it makes a terrific cut and dried flower. I had some in my office for months.

grevillea flower native to Australia. I'm often a bit partial to prehistoric looking plants and flowers.

Grevillea Superb - A medium shrub with large flowers in with a blend of salmon, apricot and lemon through out most of the year. Evergreen drought hardy shrubs with attractive foliage and masses of flowers. Ideal for a small hedge or scr

Spider mum

Spider Mum - is part of the daisy family of plants, which also includes zinnias and marigolds. Spider mums, a type of chrysanthemum, have distinctive flowers that are often used in floral arrangements and can be grown in pots for easy display indoors.


Dahlia - 'Blyton Softer Gleam' - How to plant, grow, and care for dahlias by The Old Farmer's Almanac

Fritillaria imperialis Orange Brilliant - These are beautiful to look at, but they make the whole garden smell like a skunk has passed through! - Gardening Go

stand tall for peace

zsazsabellagio: flowersgardenlove: pink protea By Nancy Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Orbea variegata  aka Toad Cactus, Starfish Cactus, Carrion Flower

Orbea variegata aka Toad Cactus, Starfish Cactus, Carrion Flower - I wish ours looked so perfect

Pincushion Protea- This South African plant has adapted well to the cool and dry higher elevations of Hawaii where one bush can produce over flower heads in a season. I saw Protea growing wild in Hawaii