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Sweetlips Ribbon Fish

school of ribbon sweetlips or grunts - fish - SEALIFE - sea creatures

.                      Angelfish  by PacificKlaus on Flickr

Angelfish We love angelfish.miss our saltwater aquarium. My husband kept the cleanest most beautiful tanks I've ever seen. Our 55 hex got a small pinhole and that was the end of 20 years of keeping fish.


this is a 'Napoleon Wrasse Cheilinus Undulatus' from Cairns, Australia >> whoa, amazing! am beginning to - Kiss me, baby! think I should make a special Australia board!

Curious Batfish   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

18 Amazing Underwater Macro Photos

Curious Batfish www.

Sea Pen | orange-sea-pen


Orange Sea Pen (Ptilosarcus gurneyi) found in temperate waters of the northeastern Pacific. Each Pen is a colony of polyps -- the primary polyp loses its tentacles and becomes the stalk, with a bulb as its base.

School of fish - (turquoise, teal)

Big Red Parrot Fish SMOOCH!

big red parrot fish SMOOCH - by HQcreations

Dude that’s absolutely great #thesevenforever

Dude that’s absolutely great #thesevenforever

Discus Fish by missshelbzilla

Beautiful blue fish is one of many beautiful fish that make aquariums stunning and memorizing.

grumpy fish

When a Fish Looks Like Some Guy ! I'm always saying, "It's time for me to go iron my face and brush my tooth"; but now I think this guy really needs it!

Butterfly fish, Hawaii ~ by BarryFackler on Flickr

Omate Butterfly fish, Hawaii Saw these beauties during my snorkel swim in Hawai'i!

exercicedestyle:  Seahorses on coral

Beautiful Seahorses looped around coral. A truly beautiful sight

My new snorkel buddy

ORIGINAL PINNER SAID: Trigger fish. This is Sad to say but, a few yrs. Back @ Harrys Seafood Restaurant they had Trigger Fish on the Menu & I ordered it.One of the Most Delicious Fish I have Ever ate.Now, we have Saltwater Tanks-No Fishing Allowed:-)


Octopus Kingdom on Behance

Amazing Underwater Photography Inspiration Beautiful Jellyfish photography by photographer Alexander Semenov. Jellyfish Photography by Alexander Semenov