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I like this one.  Seems relatively easy to do.

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Street Art Leaning Tower of Pisa - in Philadelphia-PA-USA. S Condon we must find this!

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This antenna telescope street art piece was seen on the streets of Digbeth, Birmingham, UK. The wall was photographed by Davyd Samuels and Adrian Taylor.

памятка :)

памятка :)

Картинки, на которых все в «переносном смысле»

Картинки, на которых все в «переносном смысле»

LOVE IT! Not overdone, still in Christmas Spirit, & Sarcastic as hell! Soooo me!

No joke. Kids are begging for christmas lights but cost and we have a 2 story house- not gonna happen. THis can happen! The grinch Christmas lights

я один что-то не так прочитал?

я один что-то не так прочитал?

Perfectly timed photos:

These are hilarious. Except for the last one. The last is kinda gross. But still hilarious

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OMG I can't stop laughing! 'I thought your face was embroidered on a hand towel! ( on a side note . Can you imagine someone having a towel with your face on it .