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Foyer Chair from World Market

Foyer Chair from World Market

fauxdenza with upper units - building for the dining room nook with upper glass cabinet/shelves for china

Afrormosia wood wrapped fauxdenza Ikea hacked with 8 - Applad Doors x 4 - Akurum Wall Cabinets x 8 - Integral Hinge pack) 2 - Akurum Suspension Rail

Gourd lamp...love it!!

Patterns of Light

Diy Light Lamps Creative Diy Light Lamps Ideas to Decorate Your Home.Looking for top diy light lamp ideas? Here you can find 10 creative homemade lamps

Costs breakdown for solar energy by state

Originally published on Cost Of Solar. As I noted on Monday, the cost of solar power is insanely lower than you probably think. But, in that post, I focused on the average cost of solar panels, not…

SolTech energy: crystalline solar panel roofing system

SolTech energy: crystalline solar panel roofing system

Awesome guitar pick table!

Awesome guitar pick table!

Funny pictures about Awesome guitar pick table. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome guitar pick table. Also, Awesome guitar pick table photos.

Daniele Buetti

Light installation by artist Daniele Buetti. Would be a great alternative to a corner lamp or even a chandelier.

A mini wind generator is any sort of small windmill. The majority of them are mobile or portable and are generally used to recharge batteries on the road in the family car, Caravan or whilst camping outdoors.

SolAir micro wind turbines with solar panels. Hybrid Wind/Solar Power Generators for Homes.

Free Solar Panels

A book about Free Solar Panels, Energy, Heating and Cooking at your house.