People also love these ideas

Imma call only yoongi oppa tho. Other bangtan members are brothers

Is this even legal??

Y'all he has his long hair again for this comeback and I'm crying it looks so freaking beautiful and soft.

I'm pretty sure jimin has already ;) (jikook hells yes)

I'm pretty sure Jimin has already. BTW look at Tae in the back haha

ya'll that's actually after the performance at MAMA and he was in pain, wydd

ya'll that's actually after the performance at MAMA and he was in pain, wydd


Bored rich son Kookie just looking to take some Insta-worthy photos (xD poor Hobi~)

Jungkook just wrecking bias lists over here allkpop Meme Center

ARGHHHHH his face and body is already illegal aw kookie ah❤

He is a boyfriend omg...

jungkook and the only time boyfriend was an adjective ll bts

is this even the same person?>>>>>>> what the bloody hell?! How?! Lol sorry I turned British there for a sec

Jungkook has magical powers. No one can naturally go from baby to daddy in seconds the only logical explanation is magic.

Jungkook be like °_°

JungShook is back again. This time when he's sitting next to his bf's (V's) mom (Baekhyun). Oh the horror he must feel xD

Since they all have darker hair now and the comeback concept apparently is "love yourself" can we have an all black haired bts PLEASE?

This is why I love them, they feed each other, need some people like this!!!!❤~

And remember when Jimin when around feeding the members with chocolate that looks like him. I love the brotherly love they give each other ❤️