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"removing paint from larger areas of a building can, without professional assistance, easily become unmanageable and produce less than satisfactory results. The amount of work involved in any paint removal project must therefore be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Hiring qualified professionals will often be a cost-effective decision due to the expense of materials, the special equipment required, and the amount of time involved."

nps preserv'n brief : ext'r paint problems on historic woodwork - sections : ext'r surface cond'ns re : no paint removal / ltd paint removal / total paint removal / selecting the approp. or safest method to remove paint

Sears Catalog home in Suffolk

A Harris Brothers house in Suffolk. Harris Brothers was a small kit home company based in Chicago.

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A traditional front door can restore a home with character and style, our Conventional front door brings those from Victorian and Georgian periods into the modern age.