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American Diner by Abrilon, via Flickr. I remember the tabletop jukeboxes--a nickel for a song. :)

EMILY'S A juke box with a song from the fifties on it ---- (This is the only good thing I could find and I also have had this pin on my "Diners" board for a long time.) American Diner by Abrilon.music at the table

GEORGE JONES   WHITE LIGHTNING 59- passed away today. He was a large part of country music's roots.

GEORGE JONES WHITE LIGHTNING this was my absolute favorite song when I was little (it still is) I would sing it all the time and if a teacher asked what my favorite song was it would be this one.

Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly. Adorable and formidable.

Wanda Jackson - Stupid Cupid I like Wanda's version much more than Connie Francis' which was a mega hit. Wanda Jackson was the original rockabilly Queen ~ and a huge influence on the rock and roll artists who admired her.

Big Bopper - "Chantilly Lace".. My oldest sons' favorite song.. He always dances when he hears it. Even now that he is 28..

Chantilly Lace I used to sing this song, especially the chorus, all around the house. Grandmother did not think that the lyrics "Oo, Baby, that's a-what I like" were proper. She'd go after me with her broom when I sang this.