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I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter 12-Dragged away~

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Lol this happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! My father wanted to fix the my table and I told him to do it whenever he could because my book wasn't very intresting but I didn't have anything better to do so I just kept Reading and than the book startet to get interestning and that my father decided to Come and fix my table leaving me in agony because I wanted to read but couldn't because he needed my help

I'm so guilty of this! I know exactly how my characters develop and everything and how all the little intricacies work but I never write them.

I feel like they worked with Charlie and thought he was cool. It's easier to accept odd things when you have a friend involved, and the Weasleys tend to be likable.

Writing Prompt #36

Writing Prompt #36 |

Does this mean that technically Athena could have children with women too?!??

☾☼ yoυ are мy ғavorιтe "wнaт ιғ"☼☽

Romance Writing Prompts-November 2016-Coffee and papers flew into a mess as the two strangers collided on their hurried paths, unaware their destinies were now intertwined.