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Mother and child, Pindukai village, Shamva District, Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe. This area of Zimbabwe suffers from serious drought, soil degradation, and poverty, but CIMMYT's work in promoting and supporting conservation agriculture (CA) is helping farmers to improve their livelihoods https://flic.kr/p/8P5yk5 Photo credit: Thomas Lumpkin/CIMMYT.

A Pindukai village mother and child, Shamva District, Masonaland Central, Zimbabwe, photograph by Thomas Lumpkin.

“while humanity continues its descent into oblivion heres a photo of an old lady using a marionette to feed squirrels”

Zimbabwe. Beautiful. I am positive that this is where I need to be this summer. I'm more sure about it than I have been about anything in a long time. Is it too early to count down the days? oh well. I have194 of them to go.

Children from Zimbabwe; "Neither for a dress, nor for a toy / We live for happiness, we live for joy" //

photo by Philippe Tarbouriech

India, what a big smile.the people in India are wonderful people, warm and welcoming.

Japanese kids playfully crowd together for photo. - Love how they're all wearing colorful scarves - both girls & boys.

Color Me Doo Rags ~ Japanese kids playfully crowd together for a photo.