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Happy, Hunger Games

Soul Eater Fans: wake up with Blackstar and Soul pounding on your door because you slept in and had plans with the teams

The Lunar Chronicles fans wake up to the end on the World War, as peace is settled and humanity is rebuilding society<<<YES! And Kingdom Keepers fans wake up to find out that the Keepers just saved them from SBS

Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Katniss

Katniss spend most of her time hunting with her now and arrow. Surprisingly being picked for the Hunger Games she uses her bow and arrow skills to win the games and ends up having to use them for the quarter quell.

Aw best friendzies they are so close they're competing in the hunger games together how adorwables

"Wearing matching outfits with your best friend." 'The Hunger Games' tributes are not amused.

woodrow tracy harrelson (haymitch abernathy) / elizabeth banks (elizabeth irene mitchell) (effie trinket)

I used to find this scene funny. Now i ship heffie, and this line makes me want to scream and cry. The fandom affect: crushing souls one fangirl at a time.

Find what 6 modern books you belong in by answering 5 easy questions.

What Book Do You Belong In?

My mother reading fairy tales was the best gift ever.“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

Previous pinner said," as much as I HATE duck dynasty, these are some words to live by" HOW CAN YOU HATE DUCK DYNASTY?!?!?!?

Funny pictures about Never volunteer for something. Oh, and cool pics about Never volunteer for something. Also, Never volunteer for something.