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A common question we get at iPad Pilot News lately: "which ADS-B receiver should I buy?" With all the options (over a dozen at last count), it's easy to get confused. Here, we'll try to offer a practical guide to choosing the right ADS-B receiver. We will focus on the most popular models.

Which ADS-B receiver should I buy?

Cristo Velato , Giuseppe Sanmartino , 1753, Cappella Sansevero di Napoli    Al di sopra degli stagni, al di sopra delle valli, delle montagn...

Cristo Velato, Giuseppe Sanmartino, Cappella Sansevero di Napoli - pleased to find a good pic of this work, the centerpiece of the chapel which houses many other extraordinary baroque sculptures.

Blue | Blau | Bleu | Azul | Blå | Azul | 蓝色 | Indigo | Cobalt | Sapphire | Navy | Color | Form |

Haunting and mysterious. Shared via: ☫ Angelic ☫ winged cemetery angels and zen statuary: Jack Zulli

Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460 – 7 July 1531)   During his career, Riemenschneider carved some of the most haunting and sensitive Christian images of the time. His multifarious figures of Christ, the Virgin and an array of saints were prominently displayed in churches around Germany, and their intense realism gave a sense that they lived and breathed before the attending congregations, thereby catalysing people's devotion to God. Many of Riemenschneider's works even managed to survive the…

Sebastian carved wood hands detail amazing sculpture it has quite an impact a martyrs crux

Way cool, if any of you spend any time looking at old photographs you'll notice that people don't smile- So this is a treasure right here. Love the last one.   Don't underestimate the power of a smile- here, it shows us that photography trends of the day can't mask the happiness of true love.

A Victorian couple actually smiling in a photo…

Funny pictures about Victorian photo booth. Oh, and cool pics about Victorian photo booth. Also, Victorian photo booth photos.

Vasco Ascolini - Staglieno Cemetery, Staglieno, Genoa, Province of Genoa , Liguria region Italy

Vasco Ascolini - Staglieno Cemetery, Staglieno, Genoa, Province of Genoa , Liguria region Italy

Louis Sußmann-Hellborn (1828-1908), Sleeping Beauty, 1878

Louis-Sussmann Hellborn created the amazing Sleeping Beauty marble sculpture that remains in Old National Gallery, in Berlin.

Transparent marble

The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue carved in Rome by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza, depicting the bust of a veiled Blessed Virgin Mary. The exact date of the statue's completion is unknown.