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Galicia and Bukovina are not longer found on maps today. These landscapes in Eastern Europe were once sites of a diverse and colorful Jewish...

Birth, Death and Marriage records of those German from Russia who lived in the colonies along the Volga can be researched and obtained through Dr. Mila Koretnikova. Dr. Mila Koretnikova works together with her sister, who lives in Saratov, to get the research done at the Saratov Archives. Mila Koretnikova (Request letter can be in English) Thanks to Mila - I have found my Volga German relatives!

Legacy QuickGuide™: Ukrainian Genealogy - PDF Edition. Although the doors to Ukrainian villages and archives are now open, there is still much to learn about Ukraine. Understanding Ukrainian history and geography will help the genealogical researcher overcome common challenges such as border changes, language and location of rich documents and finding the ancestral village. #genealogy #ebooks