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Pacific walruses travel according to the movement of the ice. As the ice expands in the winter, the walruses move south. As it breaks up and retreats in the spring and summer, they move north again.

Wittle Walrus

Oceons (2010) - Photo Gallery

Walrus mother and baby - photo from movie "Oceans" - Galatee Films

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When we discuss sea ice here at NWF, we’re usually talking about polar bears. But this month, the annual loss of sea ice in the Arctic is affecting another marine …

Walrus videos, photos and facts - Odobenus rosmarus - ARKive

Arctic Habitat: Walrus swimming at surface. One of the largest and most distinctive of all pinnipeds, the walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is renowned for its enormous tusks, which can reach an incredible one metre in length. Although both sexes.


Animal migration is the relatively long-distance movement of animals, for various reasons. These 50 wildlife animal migration photos are just incredible.

XD it's a huge walrus!!!

XD it's a huge walrus!