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Blue Morpho Butterflies

I am stunned by the beauty you see in rainforests. The South American Rainforests are especially wonderful and magical

HDR - High Density Range Photography

80 Most Beautiful Tree Pictures from Around the World

This is a hedgehog with a hat.

This is a hedgehog with a hat.

Hedgehog wearing a tiny knitted pom pom hat<<<< Jawn, you are so cute, Jawn.

Skeptical dogs are skeptical...

Skeptical dogs are skeptical…

Funny pictures about Suspicious dogs are suspicious. Oh, and cool pics about Suspicious dogs are suspicious. Also, Suspicious dogs are suspicious photos.

Meerkat Kisses (the real reason to become a scientist or cameraperson)

Magic meerkat moments - Planet Earth Live - BBC One.and I believe that is Richard Hammond doing the voice over! One of the cutest animal videos I've ever seen.

Real life Bambi and Thumper.


Wild bunny rabbit makes friends with a deer in the woodland forest - animal photography / Bambi and Thumper

"Only Love and the lover can resurrect beyond time. Give your heart to Love; the rest is second-hand." ~~Rumi~~

Unfortunatly, there wasn't any info on this photo. I'll have to guess the birds are storks, or more likely a type of crane. Very beautiful photo, though.