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Nirit Levav chain dog sculpture, made from recycled Bike Chains

Israeli artist Nirit Levav Packer creates dog sculptures using discarded bicycle chains. A cocker spaniel trotting across the room. A miniature poodle waiting eagerly for her treat.

Turtle #3 - Chainmail Sculpture - Gallery - TheRingLord

This was my third maille turtle. The way that the washers of the shell overlap in a tight Japanese weave make the shell naturally dome shaped and ver.

Israeli artist Nirit Levav has a unique take on recycling — she uses old bike parts to make sculptures of man's best friend.    She uses recycled bike chains, pedals, gears and even seats to create her statues, and has already sculpted enough to fully stock a kennel.

Ain't nothing but a chain dog! Artist creates sculptures of man's best friend out of old bike parts

'My dog is a recycled bicycle'.  Nirit Levav Israeli sculptor recycles old bicycle chains and parts such as gears, saddles or pedals turning them into realistic sculptures of dogs; creates full-scale models; looks for material for his creations in bike shops and junkyards, walking regularly. He had the idea of ​​making the first dog from observing a  lot of waste  metal  and imagined his mind like a dog.

'My dog is a recycled bicycle'. Nirit Levav Israeli sculptor recycles old…

Nirit Levav Packer

Lola, Mutt Israeli sculptress Nirit Levav Packer creates amazingly realistic dog sculptures out of bicycle parts. Using bicycle chains, she.