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VirgoCC - Virgo (constelación)

Virgo Constellation - ASTRAEA The maiden goddess of justice, who departed from the earth at the start of the Brazen Age of Man. She was given a place among the stars as the winged constellation Virgo, with her scales set nearby in the form of Libra.

What!!? Wensday is my favorite day actually and blue is my favorite color since I was a baby and sapphire has always been my favorite stone

Virgo this is crazy, for element im probably more water but ive been baptized in a forest and my middle name is "rainbow" in my language so makes sense but its so true about the number! I always said my lucky number was 5 and now i see this its so cool!

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born under the sign of the virgin... :)

Top Ten Reasons 'Your' a Virgo. Number Detail-oriented Virgos know the difference between Your and You're and understand the importance of using these words correctly!

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Virgo is considered an earth element sign, it is the sixth sign of the zodiac and corresponds to the Virgo constellation. The shape of the stars depicts a woman that is holding something in her hands. It is usually represented with flowers, ears of corn or a basket of

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astrological/zodiac/horoscope sign: what they mean: •Airies = i am  •Taurus = i have  •Gemini = i think  •Cancer = i feel  •Leo = i will  •Virgo = i analyze  •Libra = i balance  •Scorpio = i desire  •Sagittarius = i see  •Capricorn = i use  •Aquarius = i know  •Pisces = i believe

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