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Poor Link... But he's so outspoken in this one. It's.. weird. LoL

Milk Better Off Alone by ~dragonnova on deviantART Kingdom Hearts meets Zelda

KH - Spicy Voice. by ~KimYoshiko on deviantART | Ok I love Quinton but Jesse isn't THAT bad. He's a good Roxas. lol

This made me laugh so hard. Jesse McCartney does a darn good job voice acting Roxas

Hahaha, oh, Kingdom Hearts, you were never exactly subtle, but I loved you anyway!

Enter the World of Video Game Logic

If only I had something already in my hand that could open this ridiculously large lock…

Lea is so awesome! ❤ Kingdom Hearts

I looked at his face closer and relized that's not Axel that's Lea. The only way I could tell was Lea dosent have the blue tear drop looking things under his eyes