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"Sparks Fly" I was inspired when I watched the ashes from my bonfire rise into the night. They looked like fireworks on the Fourth of July... -Corihanna Photography

"Painted Clouds" This picture was taken when I was riding my (American Paint) horse. I leaned back and looked up at the sky. The clouds seemed as if they were painted there... -Corihanna Photography

"Crystal and Snickers" Crystal, with her newborn foal, Snickers. Snickers was born on St. Patricks day 2011. -Corihanna Photography

"Old Door" Me, standing in front of the door to the old water house at Morgan Grove Park in Martinsburg, West Virginia. -Corihanna Photography

"Midnight Bonfire" I watch, almost hypnotically, as the flames of my midnight bonfire flicker and crackle. The yellow-orange heat rises up into the navy blue night... -Corihanna Photography

"Walking" She pushes on through the tall grass, towards some distant destanation... -Corhanna Photography

"Shore Birds" A flock of birds flies through the air. They call out to eachother above me... -Corihanna Photography

"Distant Figure" I can see the sillouette of my friend, as she stands, bright, against the background of the field... -Corihanna Photography

"Bubble and Sky" Blowing bubbles in the rain with my little brother... We had soap all over the deck! -Corihanna Photography

"Bubbles" The sky is dark with rain clouds. The bubbles float off into infinity, carying the whispers of my breath... -Corihanna Photography