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Everett Fall Leak

Ernest Everett Just (8/14/1883 – 10/27/41) was a pioneering negro biologist, academic and science writer. Just's primary legacy is his recognition of the fundamental role of the cell surface in the development of organisms. In his work within marine biology, cytology and parthenogenesis, he advocated the study of whole cells under normal conditions, rather than simply breaking them apart in a laboratory setting. Just was born in South Carolina to Charles Frazier Just Jr. and Mary Matthews…

Dr. Ernest E. Just was one of the first African Americans to receive worldwide recognition as a scientist. Born August 14, 1883 in Charleston, South Carolina, Just was only four years old when his father, Charles Fraser Just, died in 1887. Due to mounting debt, his mother, Mary Just, moved with her children from Charleston to James Island, a Gullah community off the coast of South Carolina to work in its phosphate mines. While on the Island, Mary Just became a highly respected leader of the

Creative Building Play with DUPLO and Wooden Train Tracks

When Dreamup Toys sent us these building toys that connect wooden train tracks to interlocking building blocks to review, I knew they'd be cool, but I had no idea they would supercharge my son's creativity so much!

'My Best Friend's Wedding', a 1997 romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts as Julianne Potter), Cameron Diaz (Kimmy Wallace), Dermot Mulroney (Michael O'Neal), Rupert Everett (George Downs), & Philip Bosco (Walter Wallace). Julianne sets out to sabotage Michael, her best friend, & Kimmy's wedding when she things she may be in love with Michael.

Universal Cancer Ribbon Hand stamped with Cancer Color Bead/Jewel

This reversible turquoise necklace was made by Navajo husband and wife silversmiths, Mary and Everett Teller.

Plenty of the sets that Fred and Ginger danced in were deco masterpieces, but Jerry and Horace's hotel room at the beginning of "Top Hat" might be my favorite. The sets seamlessly combine austere art deco lines and intricate baroque curves from beginning to end, creating a between-the-wars Venice practically from scratch.

Everett Road Covered Bridge is the only remaining covered bridge in Summit County, Ohio. This historic bridge played an important role in the transportation system back in the 19th century. In this image, I converted the image to a black and white and selectively pulled out the color of the bridge as it being the predominate feature of the setting in the winter time as shown here.