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On this day in 1915, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado officially became a national park. Even in cold weather, you can explore the park’s spectacular mountain environments by snowshoeing,...

A night landscape scene of a mountain and a river. (some key ideas: night, moon, stars, fir, trees, mountain, mount, climb, river, road, hills, sky, scenery, nature, environment, landscape).

Oh Mother, Help us find the parts of our soul, That are still green as the forest And fertile as the earth; Remind us that our hearts are as Infinite and pure as the oceans, And that we can heal our pain By embracing our shared and vibrant roots; Let us draw sweet, clean air from your mountains And hold hands in peace and harmony As we marvel at your diverse and interconnected bounty. Oh Mother, we invoke your spirit ... #mother #earth #nature #environment #mountain #oneness #poem #poetry

Low Poly Forest and Mountains Environment WIP , Madalin Croitoru on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QJVAE

Lawren Harris (Canada 1885-1970) Mountain Sketch XCI (Mountain on the Athabasca River) oil on board 30.3 x 38 cm ”

Make your own salt scrubs with essential oils and pure natural pink Himalayan salt, which comes from a pure mountain environment.

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