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آدمها با دلایل خاص خودشان به زندگی ما وارد می شوند! و با دلایل خاص خودشان از زندگی ما می روند! نه از آمدن ها زیاد خوشحال باش نه از رفتن ها زیاد غمگین تا هستند دوستشان داشته باش به هر دلیلی که آمده اند به هر دلیلی که هستند بودنشان را دوست داشته باش بی هیچ دلیلی ... شادمانی های بی سبب همین دوست داشتن های بی چون و چراست! #زویا_پیرزاد

pedir com instância, com insistência; solicitar reiteradamente; insistir. "ele instava a presença de todos que o apoiaram" ==== Insta vem do verbo instar. O mesmo que: aperta, convida, insiste, pede, persiste, solicita, suplica, urge...

Street Art Urges Hong Kongers Not to Turn a Blind Eye to Missing Booksellers who were Critical of China Gov't Policies

If you feel like experiencing some light fixture envy, head on over to this weeks #finditstyleit winner @becrowbe 's insta page. How's this copper pendant 😱 or the set of pendants in Bridget's dinning room 😱😱😱. Check Bridget out for her amazing style throughout her home. Just be prepared for the sudden urge to rip all your lighting down, stomp on it and kick it out the door. Remember to tag your personal design pics with #finditstyleit because each week @Liz_kamarul @at1stsightbk…

El demencial mensaje de odio anti sionista: clérigo de Al Aqsa insta a usar armas nucleares contra Israel. – En nombre de Israel

Insta-Beard Growing the lush bushy beard of a lumberjack is not just for the rugged elite anymore. Anyone can sport a striking chin tickler whenever the urge strikes. Loop one of these felt pelts from

Good Morning Insta!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was crazy-busy out and about today is going to be crazy-busy too but all cosy at home! Yay!! I did resist the urge to stay in pj's though What are you making today? Or buying?! Eeek! #Blackfriday here's a lil get-in-early secret...Use the code ALLTHECOLORSFRIDAY25 for 25% off patterns in my Etsy shop all weekend I'm joining up these #grannysquares for @afterglow.olney this morning #SFMGS #crochetaddict #crochetlove

OBAMA SUPPORTS SAUDI INVASION OF SYRIA Anxious to rollback Russian support for al-Assad. The Russians would not show restraint and destroy them. Then what. 100 per barrel oil. World in turmoil and an attempt to push the US into another stupid war if Turkey gets involved.

This January let's urge our friends and family to go Vegan!! For the #animals and the #planet LaBante London supports Veganuary! #fashionwithrespect

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