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"Happy New Year!" – Russian vintage postcard, 1968, artist V. Begishev. годовой:一年(分)の、年一回の новыи:新しい、近現代の;造格 с:生-起点、原因、根拠) 対-ほぼ、~にとっては) 造-手段、with、時の到来) снова:更に、再び、新に

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Soviet postcard with blue tit bird

1968 I know it’s the anti-season for New Year postcards, but I’m gonna be posting some anyway because they give me a sweet fake feeling of chilly air so much needed in the heat, and because I.

Awesomely Bizarre Soviet Space-Themed Holiday Cards

Awesomely Bizarre Soviet Space-Themed Holiday Cards

Father Christmas and a Russian Cosmaut in a Rocket flying through Outer Space Christmas Card Scan: Free Classic Retro Russian Space Christmas Card Print Project, Clipart Old Soviet Christmas Card Image.