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This Bay Mare is determined to get her newborn Foal up & standing.The Foal has his ears laid back which is a sign of irritation or anger.The Foal must get up & moving which the Mare's instinct tells her..

"And you are the mother. The mother of your baby child, the one to whom you gave life. And you have your choices and these are what make man great, his ladder to the stars." - Mumford and Sons

dramatic mother-child pic. love that it's landscape but a great portrait as well. the lines are perfect.

The Glow — Molly Guy

"There are some mornings when I'm cutting up my daughter’s grapes into fours after three hours of sleep while the sun is coming up and I’m in a flannel granny moomoo and NPR is on and I’m like, 'Where’s my cigarettes, where’s my naughty Saturday night fling and ripped black lace lingerie and I just wanna call in sick to work and take Klonopin and google all my exes and only eat gummi bears all day.'"

it's so strange to me that most of my friends think it's ok to eat one of these beautiful animals and not the other. Don't they both look equally cute? I think so! And they are certainly equal when it comes to feeling pain and wanting to live. Love anim