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If you are a Hamster Lovers, check out this Hamster collection, you may like it :)  http://teechip.us/hamster  #hamster #hamsterlovers #ilovehamster

Monday Funny Pictures Dump -

Oh my gosh how cute

"Hamster in a donut - awww! I hope they don't let him eat the whole thing though cuz he'll get hamster diabetes and die :(" okay, hte comment on this, too cute!


Hamsters need to eat a hamster quality food mix as well as fresh veggies :) hamster-love

squeee cute pedigree hamster a Syrian long haired cream ideal pets

Squeak, a cute pedigree hamster. He is a Syrian long haired cream, ideal pet.

21 Hamsters Caught Stuffing Their Big, Fat Faces | Pleated-Jeans.com

Just a hamster eating a bit of banana! - awe I love hamsters❤Mine looks just like this but dark brown! Instead of tan.