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That's life

This is sooo extremely hard to do for me letting go of people who you love and wish you could just go back to how it was but they clearly let go along time ago it hurts and it's hard but in order to be happy I need to let go

A reminder...

REMEMBER the abuse. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.- applies to all relationships (parents, friends, partners, etc)

Obviously cause he's already moved on, in less than a week.  They say the loyal one stay single, the unfaithful jump into another relationship immediately.  Last time we were together was 3 days before they became official...

This one actually is sad to read.it is right, but it hurts, i cant stop thinking about him everywhere i look he is there and it makes me want to cry.

he never wanted me and i finally realized i couldnt care less what he thinks or if he wants me.

If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. So sad actually but so true - I need to remember this. not only with guys but with everyone

Sometimes I wish I was a bird---oh yes definitely! lol

Sometimes I Wish I Was a Bird.: Sometimes I wish I was a bird. So I could fly over certain people and shit on there heads.

Don't let people become a priority in your life when you're just an option in theirs.

Don’t let people become a priority in your life when you’re just an option in theirs.effort only for priority

haha i've always said this ever since i watched the Italian Job :)

Best line ever from "The Italian Job." Every time I feel stressed and I say I'm FINE I remember this definition and it makes me chuckle.