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Armadillo Ray- cute elementary art lesson

This week my students are looking at the wonderful oil pastel illustrations of Peggy Turley in the children's book Armadillo Ray.

Tierische Fotografie: Andrew Zuckerman -

Six-banded armadillo. One of the photographs in "Creature", where Andrew Zuckerman brings his exquisite signature style, crisp yet tender, to Earth’s beings.

35PHOTO - Elizabeth - Броненосец - Armadillo

Photo Elizabeth E- Armadillo

Armadillo Adventuring by Paul E.M. Fun fact: Armadillo is Spanish for little armored thing.

Armadillo Adventuring by Paul E. Fun fact: Armadillo is Spanish for little armored thing.

Google Image Result for http://www.sandiegozoo.org/animalbytes/images/armadillo_T08_0707_9.jpg

"Armadillos are most closely related to anteaters (not super-duper surprising) and sloths (much more surprising!

The Brazilian Three Banded Armadillo

Brazilian three-banded armadillo uncurling from defensive ball, side view - View amazing Brazilian three-banded armadillo photos - Tolypeutes tricinctus - on Arkive


hold an armadillo



Плащеносный броненосец (Chlamyphorus truncatus)

The PINK FAIRY ARMIDILLO generally ranges between mm in length, excluding its tail, and will weigh less than a pound. Similarly, this is the only species of armadillo that has its dorsal shell almost completely separate from its body