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Curly Hair Problem: and this why you'll rarely see me in dangly earrings. They get caught and swallowed by my curls.

Actually Caly's ears were never pierced because she can't stand pain or blood. She did, however, get a nose ring at one point, just to painfully irk her Daddy!

submitted by kinjalee :)


it's too hot to use my straightener, too humid to go natural.ugly hair it is!

Clearly you dont know how long it took me to straighten this..  If I didnt straighten the hair, its a beast.


If I only had a dime for every time someone has asked me why I don't wear my hair down. straight-haired people just don't get it!

Only people with curly hair would understand! :) This website correctly expresses every emotion/thought I've EVER had about my hair!


I wish I could just brush my hair and go. Not wet it, then product it and have to always leave the house with wet hair- the struggle is real!

Its super curly when I have wet hair and I try to tame it with my brush and then it looks like I didn't commit to straightening but its worse then that.

none. at all. i think my hair becomes immune to it after a while and just does it's own thing anyways..