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David Letterman Quote.

Stephen Colbert is my current go-to guy in late night (though John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee & Seth Meyers are all doing good stuff), but let's not forget who got things off the ground!

#bernies2020   BernieS2020

Hillary will be forever known for unprecedented election fraud in the primaries. ELECTION FRAUD 2016 will be Hillary's crown.

One of my heroes since fourth grade...long damn time ago.

“Orwell prophet level accurate with his future think: The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it”

We know how to fix this...we just need to remove the corporations puppets.

We will not be represented until we change the campaign financing system, redistrict fairly, and shorten the campaign season. All money must be transparent!

BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM + incarceration corporation at work in USA...PRIVATIZATION does NOT WORK!!

Marissa Alexander

The Florida State Attorney now wants to put Marissa Alexander in jail for 60 YEARS. Something is very wrong with the justice system in Florida.