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Omg so Logan but you can replace sandwich with anything.


26 Funny Pictures for Today Dummies of the Year

Don't Compare Yourself To Others. Compare Yourself To The Person From Yesterday.

One of my goals- I am NOT a fast swimmer. But I will try to do better than I did yesterday.

every. single. time.

Just Do it!


Definition of a toddler

Tweet creds: yoyoha #funny #parentingproblems http://pishposhbaby.com

Tweet creds: yoyoha #funny #parentingproblems http://pishposhbaby.com

Boys are so fun

Lol except for the peeing on the floor. And it's 800 stories about baseball not mine craft

Too funny!  Dehydrated philosophers who need a hug  :-D

OMG this is so true! All the deep questions come out at bedtime. At bed time my children turn into dehydrated philosophers who need a hug.

Morning Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

great communication skills - questions

"Hey kids, we're gonna play Snakes And Ladders, only for every time that you land on a snake, you gotta take a shot"

come over here...close to me so I CAN SLAP YOU SILLY

Hilarious Parenting Memes of the Week! Such a funny list of memes about being a parent!