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Libra ♎

Librans are notable for their flirtings and harmony. Teraziler flörtleri ve uyumları ile meşhurdur.

Libra, the Scales

Meunier Zodiac Libra

Unholy Vault Designs: Gothic, Fantasy & Vintage Artwork | Gothic Zodiac

Gothic Zodiac: Libra by *UnholyVault on deviantART Eee! I'm a libra and those are my favorite colors.

This is The Libra Clow Card from the Card Captor Sakura anime and manga series by CLAMP

The Libra

The Libra (秤) is one of the fifty-two Clow Cards. It is under The Earthy and under the power of.

Oracles of Gaia: October New Moon

AstroSpirit / Libra ♎ / Air / Balance/ Ma'at the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, would weigh the heart against the feather after death.

balabolka balance<<<This...is beautiful.

LIBRA Zodiac doodles illustration -- my Libra moon loves this 🌚♎️