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Nononononono NO!!!! The only thing I want is a future with her! The only thing I want is eternity with her. All that I want is to spend time with her.

Neah Bay, WA is part of the Makah Indian Reservation, and sits at the northwest tip of the Continental U.S. The mile Cape Flattery Trail will reward you with gorgeous views.

Drown with me I seem to of developed a fascination with hands. If you like my work and would like to buy a print, please check out my online store where you can buy framed prints/canvases... - Drown with me I seem to of developed a...

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On my nikah, I want a picture letting go of this shade of red balloons with my husband watching. I want me letting them go captured, my husband watching captures, and the balloons flying away captured all in one picture. InshaAllah.

Waikiki at night - reminds me of a Rothko. (Such images of nature were his inspiration.) ~ETS

mirroir: In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans. ~Kahlil Gibran (Photographer Jojanne)