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Goddess of the Night ~ by KiyomiDawson ~ created using the Four Elements doll maker | DollDivine.com

Goddess of the Night ~ The Four Element ~ Fire

Beadlust: Search results for spirit dolls

Christian symbols depicted in a prayer doll, soul doll, mind doll or healing doll.

Pegasus Maker ~ Doll Divine

Pegasus Maker ~ Dress your own flying pony!

workshop of TirelessArtist - Amazing paper clay dolls

Amazing art doll by Dorote Zaukaite Villela a.a TirelessArtist from Kaunas, Lithuania.

Kitten Maker ~ Design Warrior Cats

Create your own adorable puppy ~

Sailor Belle by ~PinkPetalEntrance on deviantART

Disney's Pocahontas, made with Doll Divine Sailor Senshi maker [link] Sailor Pocahontas

My Froggy Stuff: Free Nature Printables for Doll Scenes

Here's some natural background for dollhouse! My Froggy Stuff: Free Nature Printables for Doll Scenes (could be used for pool bottom)

Doll Divine: Dress-up Dolls--Make yourself into a princess! Create the fantasy princess of your dreams! Choose from endless bodices, skirts, sleeves, hairstyles and colors to completely customize a unique look. The game has all the magic of classic Disney Princesses, but kicks it up a notch with lots of unique twists and additions.

One of the most beautiful and unique dress up doll online game sites we've found . Nisa especially loves Fairy Tale and Pony Creator