Learning to Teach: Ten Teacher Hacks That Make You Go..Duh!!

Time flower petal minutes with leafy minute and hour hands ~ great idea! (Now to move my classroom clock to a place with space beneath it.

18 activités amusantes pour faire aimer les maths à vos enfants #onlinemathhelp #learnmathonline #studymathonine

18 activités amusantes pour faire aimer les maths à vos enfants #onlinemathhelp #learnmathonline #studymathonine

Learning to tell time with a "Sun Clock" _ Parenting In Northern Kentucky

Sun Clock - home school room learning to tell time with classroom wall sun clock.

Targeted for elementary. What Time Is It? - A time matching game. Need plastic eggs. Found on Pinterest.

What Time is it? Time Matching Game using leftover plastic eggs - Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Build A Clock {Printable}

build a clock for teaching time. my new twist on this would be to add the hands in color (just like on the Judy clock) with the hours written in one color and then in smaller numbers up top the minutes

Great idea! I can't count the number of times I would get asked this all day long!!!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Clock Schedule Display Kids who are working on telling time, they can refer to the little clocks as a guide for the BIG clock!

Good idea for learning sight words!

10 Paint Chip Sample Activities for Kids. The girls are always begging for paint samples when we visit The Home Depot.now I'll know what to do with them once they're at our house!

A Teacher's Idea: How To Help Your Kids Learn Multiplication Tables

This is a FREE tool for reinforcing the two times multiplication tables with your kids. I could use a similar version for squares and cubes

FREE printable activity...can be used to work on telling time, sequencing, and following directions. Can totally be adapted for therapy! Check this blog out, she has AMAZING learning activities!

how to tell time game: pick a card w/the time and then kiddo draws the hour/minute hands on the dry erase clock and if he gets it right, does the action stated on the time card (some: do a somersault, dance, find something red, etc.