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(Napoleon Dynamite) This is almost exactly how I imagine myself as an attorney, but with a flew slight changes. I love how devoted Kip.

Screen+shot+2014-01-20+at+09.44.38.png (1073×578)

Screen+shot+2014-01-20+at+09.44.38.png (1073×578)

Emphasis: Scale Proportion   escuchando música

Slinkachu became famous for his “little people” project where he installed miniature models at various locations in London creating mini scenery.

lacey baker & vanessa torres are awesome

-Weekend Buzz: Every Friday on Ride Channel- This week, in part 1 of Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres stopped by to talk about skating naked, jeopardizing y.

Billy Madison was and is the Best Movie ever made...it deserves an oscar.

Trailer for Sandler's 1995 hit. Check out our talent ROSS 28 seconds in. we told Ross to break a leg but looks like working with Adam already cost him an arm!