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Reclaim Your Work: Ordering Your Business. If you want to thrive (instead of just SURVIVE) in this new economy, NOW is the time to create sound and sustainable business practices. Most small business owners are trying to do business on the run with strapped wallets, insufficient staff, and poor business infrastructure. It’s time to be as good in the office as you are out in the field – creating a congruent and enjoyable business you can be proud of!

Step by step Marketing & Training Platform for: * Small Business Owners that want to generate more foot traffic into their stores or more phone calls to their sales force. * Internet/Affiliate Marketers that want to learn the newest online and offline marketing strategies. * Info-marketers that want to sell more courses, books, and memberships, & create more speaking engagements.

Nutrimetics international beauty and skin care company been around since 1961. Origin from valley of Hunza in Himalayas. precious oil from apricot kernel when used on the skin lends a soft, youthful glow. is ur spnsor willing to personally train you to do what they do so you have a chance.Consultants with Nutrimetics are rewarded with bonuses on top of commissionNew cars, Jewelry,and public recognition.TheNutrimeticCompanyTravelConsultantsAlsoGetMin 20%discountOnNutrimeticsProduct

10 money-saving tips for students BOOKS transport and the odd pint students need to factor all these and more into their weekly budgets. Emma ONeill examines how they might make their money go further When youre a student money is tight. For most university means living away from home for the first time and with that more independence and all the opportunities and risks that brings. But with a 21 per cent increase in17-24 year olds seeking debt advice money is becoming a more important…

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5 Must-Have Tools for a Killer Presentation

For when you need a little more than static words on a screen for your presentation, we present to you five sweet digital alternatives to PowerPoint.

Leadership Truths

There are fundamental principles that inform and support the practices of leadership that were true yesterday, are true today and will be true 30 years from now. They speak to what the newest and y...

Bid on Lunch With Tim Cook for a Good Cause

In Apple's war with the FBI over encryption, the company finds itself with few allies. Yes, it received mild support from Google's Sundar Pichai. No, the two aren't on the same side. What's at stake is nothing less than the future of privacy.