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15 Life Hack Things That You Can Do With Binder Clips - http://www.homesteadingfreedom.com/15-life-hack-things-that-you-can-do-with-binder-clips/

These home office binder clips can do much more than organize paperwork. It’s impossible not to fiddle with a binder clip, once it comes within range of idle hands.

With your old spinach, spare orange peels, and a few saucepans, you’ll be on your way in no time. This project is not only practical, but simple too, and it…

Homemade Natural Dyes From Leftover Fruits and Vegetables

Hello, HomeSpun Threads Readers! I am so thrilled to be with you today sharing a bit of summer fun. I am Tammy and I blog at She Wears Flowers . I am a mom to sweet twin 10-year-old girls and a sassy...

MYO {awesome} Sprinkler Materials 2 10 foot pieces of inch PVC pipe 1 PVC t-joint 1 PVC hose to pipe connector 4 PVC elbow joints PVC cement PVC pipe cutting tool Drill with inch drill bit

Up-cycle Pill Bottles!     1. Organize junk drawer  2. Tidy up tool chest  3. Mini portable sewing kit  4. Car kit (change/small bills, band aids, tampons, etc.)  5. Store tea or spices  6. Store seeds after growing season  7. Mini ice packs  8. Bottle for board game pieces   9. Waterproof bottle (matches)  10. Travel sized toiletries

10 uses for plastic pill bottles

Looking for awesome ways to use your pill bottles? If they're just lying around, put them to good use. Do a little upcycling with your empty pill bottles. It can be your next DIY craft project! DIY Uses for Pill Bottles

How To Build The Ultimate Shotgun Arming Yourself For Any Situation - http://www.homesteadingfreedom.com/how-to-build-the-ultimate-shotgun-arming-yourself-for-any-situation/

This is the definitive the survival shotgun for any situation you may encounter. To the untrained eye, it might just look like a shotgun. To the slightly trained eye it might look…

How To Build A DIY Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine That Produces 100 Watts - http://www.homesteadingfreedom.com/how-to-build-a-diy-ceiling-fan-wind-turbine-that-produces-100-watts/

With some DIY skills and some patience you can put together your own DIY wind generators. If you are like me you love free electricity. With this project you will generate…

[Videos] Make your own knife with one of these ways...  http://www.homesteadingfreedom.com/5-ways-to-make-your-own-knife/

Every Homesteader, hunter, and survivor loves the feel of a good knife between their hands. The love of the feel is even greater for those that have made the knife…

Camp stove electrical outlet - With just a little bit of wood to burn, this camp stove electrical outlet gives you a fine camp fire while also giving power to your electrical devices.

Biolite - portable stove that burns sticks, twigs, pine cones, and other renewable resources instead of petroleum gas.

Wooden Cutting Boards Are By Far The Best Way To Go - http://www.homesteadingfreedom.com/wooden-cutting-boards-are-by-far-the-best-way-to-go/

How to Maintain a Wood Cutting Board. Wood cutting boards are durable surfaces used in kitchens to cut up foods while cooking and preparing meals. To maintain a wood cutting board, you should season it first.

This Part Spider Part Car Can Drive Over Basically Anything

Four wheels, four motors, limitless fun: Swincar is our new obsession