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I used to think I was overreacting. Now I realize it was just a normal reaction to an abnormal amount of bullshit. Story of my life.

It must be tiring carrying all those double standards around with you.

You amuse me with how you paint others red for the same shit you did, never admitting you did THE SAME SHIT bitch.

Either you're a person who will be stopped, or you're a person who won't be stopped. Do whatever it takes and train yourself not to be stopped by anything. Successful people don't base their actions on what's easy and convenient. That way of living is reserved for the poor and most of the middle class. If you're willing to do only what's easy, life will be hard. But if you're willing to do what's hard, life will be easy. ~ Kevin Sousa

"I choose to be unstoppable. I am bigger than my concerns and worries. The strength of others inspire me daily. I focus on my goal and I live a courageous life" / positive quotes for inspiration

You can't really call him a villain when he's so attractive

This is the only thing that annoys me about Captain Hook fans.

Road rage

You call it road rage. I call it aggressively driving around assholes who don't know how to fucking drive!