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Reserved for Lindsey

Baby mermaid 4 piece set- 6-12 months. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Barbie Mermaid Tail

Bonjour,I spent a while today making a pattern for a Barbie mermaid tail.  Whenever I write a new pattern, I have to type it up the same day or I will have no clue what I did, even though I took …

Joanna Kamińska wears an intricately beaded top by Polish designer Łucja Zając in “Sacrum Profanum” photographed by Vertebrae

Mermaid / Under the Sea Birthday Party Bash Invite with Photo option - Custom Invitation Printable - Purple and Mint / teal

15 Everyday Makeup Looks to Reveal Your Inner Mermaid

Almost every girl wishes she was a mermaid, of course we know you really are one. Let your friends know it too with these stylish mermaid inspired looks you can pull off every day. And if they still don’t work it out, consider something a little more severe.