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Traditional festive costume, from Kars and Iğdır. Ethnic group: Azeri. Mid-20th century. This is a recent atelier-made copy, as worn by folk dance groups.

Traditional bridal village costume from the province of Bilecik.. 1925-1950. This is a recent workshop-made copy, as worn by folk dance groups.

A traditional bridal costume from the Karakeçeli (Yörük) villages of the Keles district (south of Bursa). Late-Ottoman urban style, with ‘goldwork’ (silvery metal thread) embroidered robe & vest, ca. mid-20th century. (Kavak Costume Collection - Antwerpen/Belgium).

A traditional daily costume from the Konya province. Middle-class urban style, worn at home, ca. 1900-1925. Containing: a silk ensemble (‘gömlek’/shirt + ‘şalvar’/baggy trousers), a large embroidered ‘yazma’ (headscarf), a silk ‘kuşak’ (waist band) and low boots-like leather shoeware. (Kavak Costume Collection - Antwerpen/Belgium).

A traditional bridal costume from the Bilecik province. Urban style. The large ‘şalvar’ (baggy pants) and the ‘cepken’ (long-sleeved jacket) are embroidered in multicoloured shiny cotton (small flower motifs) and silver metallic thread (executed in ‘Maraş işi’-technique). All items date from c. 1900-1925, except the gilt copper belt buckles, which were made in Beypazarı in the 1990s. (Kavak Costume Collection - Antwerpen/Belgium).

Traditional festive costume from the Marmara region. Dating: 1900-1925. The trousers and long-sleeved vest in striped silk, and the velvet jacket are embroidered (‘golden’ thread in ‘kordon tutturma’ technique/applied cord). (Kavak Folklor Ekibi&Costume Collection-Antwerpen/Belgium).

Festive/ceremonial costume of some Alevi-Türkmen villages in the NW part of the Sivas province. 1970-2000 (and still in use). Mind the beadwork items: ‘saç bağı’ (hear ties, falling down from the back of the hat) & ‘bel bağı’ (waistband); both have 12 tassels, symbolizing the Alevi belief in the 12th imam, an ultimate savior of humankind who will emerge with Isa (Jesus Christ) and fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice. (Kavak Costume Collection-Antwerpen/Belgium).