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A private and his date dancing at the USO recreation center. Photograph by William C. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, (This is amazingly adorable!


Judy Garland dancing the jitterbug with champion dancer Ray Hirsch at a party Judy and Mickey Rooney threw to celebrate a recent movie

Red Cross girls dancing with soldiers ~

This was taken while Red Cross girls danced with soldiers. They danced and entertained themselves by listening and dancing to the songs on the record player. This was a popular hobby many soldiers and red cross women had while in the war.

Vintage Costumer: What Did Women Wear Swing Danicng in the 1940's?

Fay McKenzie dancing the jitterbug with a serviceman at the Hollywood Canteen 1943 /SOLID JACKSON!

James Stewart and Donna Reed rehearsing for the dance scene in It’s a wonderful life, 1947.

Donna Reed & Jimmy Stewart rehearsing for dance scene in It's a Wonderful Life. So stinking cute!

Dancing the Jitterbug, April 19th, 1940. Someone please teach me the jitterbug. Please.

Bronze Medal Winner, Helen Thumper, demonstrates the "Partner Ditch hold and thrust' maneuver that clinched the medal for her in the Womens Singles Marital Arts at the Olympics.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Andrews Sisters: trio who performed "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - when I was in middle school I sang this for the USO dance with my two BFFs ( kt)

Frances Langford and Bob Hope entertaining military personnel on the bob hope radio show

USO entertainers Wini Shaw and Anna Lee in the back of a military vehicle during World War II. Probably North Africa c. 1943. USO Camp Shows, Inc. - NATOUSA | Flickr.com - gbaku

USO Entertainers, in the back of a military vehicle. world war II entertainers…

~+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+~ Toddler named Paul and a beautifully, realistic toy horse. c. 1890.

~+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+~ Toddler named Paul and a beautifully, realistic toy horse. c. 1890.

Students dancing at the Mariemont High School prom. Cincinnati, 1958. By Francis Miller

Conga line, High School Prom Mariemont High School Prom the prom that kept going and going