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Doctor Who: The Fall of the Eleventh Poster by SkinnyGlasses on deviantART

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The flag of geek. Doctor Who Sherlock Homes Avengers Star Trek Star Wars Lord of the Rings Supernatural Harry Potter Loki Thor Stargate.

Go to the link, best thing ever!

"This server at Olive Garden apparently decided to only use Doctor Who quotes while serving one evening, definitely worth a read. It made me laugh the whole way through." BEST SERVER EVER! <----My 2 favorite things! Olive Garden and doctor who!

Now I'll have a reason to make cookies outside of Christmas! Dr Who cookie cutters. ''These look Dalektable''

Doctor Who cookie cutters - I don't think I'd want a weeping angel cookie, though. The adipose would just be a reminder to not eat cookies.

Doctor who characters

Do they just, like, give everybody in Britian beauty pills at birth? I literally looked at this and, out loud, was like "hello!" Especially to the David Tennant picture


Rose comes back with the doctor for the anniversary and enters the doctor from the time war itself. (john hurt) How true might those words really be!

Don't Wander Off by Fonora on DeviantArt

I saw this somewhere in the Internet and I just couldn't resist When you need words of wisdom, the Doctor's always at your service. Don't Wander Off


(Doctor Who) + (The Doctor and River Song) + ("You are always here to me. And I always listen.

The Doctor describing River Song...wouldn't mind to be described this way myself...

The Doctor describing River Song (hell in high heels). I wouldn't mind being described this way myself.

River... why?! :'(

This is my favorite verse of my favorite poem, beautifully coupled with my favorite, most maddening OTP! "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost is such a beautiful poem and I just want to give whoever made this edit a huge hug!

Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, and Harry, all as one. The Doctor's wondering if everyone will like the bunk beds.

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Merlin. the doctors thinking about bunkbeds.


There’s a man called the doctor. He lives on a cloud in the sky and all he does, all day, every day, is to stop all the children in the world ever having bad dreams- Clara Oswin Oswald.

Saving people, hunting things, the family business

I need logs of blue legos! Lego Doctor Who Police Box .(previously "Dr.Who Phone Booth") oh the awesomenesses of this! :) [be sure to make any corrections needed before pinning anything, otherwise you may get comments like the ones below.

I would just sit next to him

There's this certain kind of sad you get when you see this. "Are you lonely? "Why would I be lonely? "Because you’re sad. Have you lost something? "What did you lose?"My friend.